A company's development and accomplishment of business goals is a measure of its success. Managers and employees of the developing companies perform daily tasks and chase after new goals.   They do not have time for anything else. Therefore, the company is at risk of economic crimes and internal irregularities that result from the lack of regard, knowledge and awareness of business security. The consequences for the company and its managers may be adverse in terms of profession, business, finance and goodwill.

Many years of experience show that the weakest link of the organization in terms of its security is the so-called human factor. The utmost attention should be paid to such human factor by incessantly raising knowledge and awareness of business security. Only then the employee shall be able to efficiently identify and prevent external risks as well as eliminate their own mistakes and negligence.


The Business Security Academy is a unique training project for the managerial staff and employees of the companies. The Academy is located in Trójca, Bieszczady, which is a legendary holiday resort dating back to the times of the Polish People’s Republic, code named "Strefa W2".  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we organize training workshops devoted to the issues of business security, which are followed by practical classes developed by former Special Forces agents. The purpose of the project is to prepare the participants for all challenges related to business security, which are to be faced by members of the management boards, managers and employees in the present business reality and in their private lives. We guarantee that the workshops shall be efficient, interesting and dynamic.


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