Numbers do not lie

170 000 Economic crimes . 30 % increase in the last 5 years. They were mainly to defraud , theft and blackmail .

44 000 crimes against property . The share of fraud against large companies


13 000 crimes against the credibility of documents. Most related to counterfeiting , processing or use of a counterfeit document.



36 % of companies in Poland fell victims of abuse in the past two years .


20 % of fraud in Polish companies IS committed by executives.


9 % of entrepreneurs were not able to estimate the losses caused by fraud in his company .


Responsibility of the manager

Are key managers of the company aware of legal aspects of their decisions?

Every business decision entails certain consequences. The lack of knowledge of basic legal regulations among managers may cause financial, legal or goodwill risks for the company. To ensure appropriate level of security of a business process, it is essential to have knowledge and be aware of managerial responsibility. The company should be able to successfully combine professionalism and creativity of its managerial staff with appropriate qualifications and awareness of business security.  

Has your company trained the managerial staff in terms of managerial responsibility?

Theft and fraud

Is it possible to misappropriate funds, obtain funds under false pretences or steal funds from your company?

As much as 55% of the initiated proceedings in economic offenses concern frauds - according to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. We have a situation now where economic crimes are significantly increasing in number. Consequently, the risk of business activities run by the companies from the private sector is growing.

Is your company prepared for the increasing risk in this area? If not, change it with us!

Blackmail and manipulation

Is the company at risk of blackmail and manipulation by external entities?

The Central Bureau of Investigation eliminates each year 140 organized economic crime groups - according to the Polish Police Headquarters. It shows how dangerous the Polish market conditions have become for the companies.  Nowadays, the organized economic crime groups use all available methods to reach its goals. Usually, the methods are the following: exerted pressure, blackmail, manipulation, corruption, incitement. The above risks are faced by almost every company. To educate employees and develop efficient system of procedure and prevention in such cases constitute a reliable method of defense.

Does your company have a "defense program" in case of attempted blackmail, manipulation or other offenses?  If not, change it now.

Forgery of documents

Do you exclude a situation when you would have to deal with the forged documents in your company?

On average, around 9,000 people per annum are convicted for offenses involving document manipulation - according to the data of the Ministry of Justice. Agreements, reports, invoices, references and other documents crucial for the company are more and more often forged to obtain financial benefits by the criminal groups. To avoid such risk, it is essential to implement a professional and efficient security program to protect the document flow in an organization.

Does your company have methods for inspecting external and internal documents in terms of their credibility? If not, change it with us!

Loss of material data

Is there a risk of loss of data important for your company?

80% of the leaks of confidential, secret or trade secret information is caused by the company's employees. It is due to the fact that as far as the data security is concerned, the companies mainly care about the IT infrastructure, forgetting about the so-called human factor. Experience shows that the criminals do not have to break codes and hack IT systems to obtain material information or data in an unauthorized way. It is enough to use good socio-technical manipulation or social media channels to obtain from an unaware employee all the information necessary to damage the company. Lack of sufficient knowledge of such risks may jeopardize the proper functioning of the company and cause measurable losses.

Is your team ready to face the growing threat of theft of the company's sensitive data? If not, change it with us!

Safety of managerial staff

Does your company pay attention to safety of its managerial staff?

Managers may fall victims to blackmail, incitement, theft of laptops and many other offenses, as their are considered the decision-makers with crucial business information. The managerial staff is particularly vulnerable to surveillance, corporate espionage and attempts to exert pressure and influence. Therefore, the management board, directors and managers should be educated to that they know how to protect crucial information and how to behave in hazardous situations, e.g. when there is an attempt to exert pressure upon them.

Do the managers in your company know how to prevent hazardous situations in their environment? If not, change it now.

Crisis management

Is the company ready to efficiently take action in the crisis situation?

It is impossible to predict the crisis situation, but it is possible to be prepared therefor. In the case of a crisis, the lack of appropriate procedures, action plans and knowledge prevents efficient management. It is worthwhile preparing the organization for crises. Without proper preparation, the company is at business, financial and goodwill risk, which may cause irreversible losses. 

Does your team have knowledge and tools for taking efficient actions during the crisis in the company? If not, change it now.

Loss of business continuity

Are your ready for the business process discontinuance?

Business discontinuance may occur due to unexpected criminal activities, force majeure and acts of terrorism. In any event, the management of the company becomes difficult or even impossible. As a result, the company suffers substantial financial losses or even bankruptcy. The senior management is responsible for preparing alternative management strategy in case of such crisis.

Does your company have the crisis management system in case of the business discontinuance? If not, change it with us!

Activities of law enforcement and judicial authorities

Are you ready for unexpected activities of the law enforcement and judicial authorities?

No week passes without the following information occurring on news portals or TV and radio programs: "The Central Bureau of Investigation detained the CEO of Company X, the Internal Security Agency detained several directors in connection with the corruption scandal in Company Y, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau started inspection in Company Z". In the current market situation, it may not be excluded that the law enforcement authorities will take statutory actions against your company or maybe against you. Therefore, key members of the company should know their rights and obligations as well as the rights of the law enforcement authorities so that the meetings with such authorities, held with a huge fill of emotions, were as much professional and safe as possible. It is impossible to learn that from books or movies. The knowledge thereof, supported by legal basis and business experience, may be only derived from practitioners in the field of business security.

Does your company have knowledge of the rules to be followed in case of inspection by law enforcement representatives? If not, change it with us!



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